– or ‘How I combined a bunch of guides, but still had to figure out stuff on my own, so now I’m making a new guide’.

This setup runs at ~7 watts, keeping the power consumption very low, because #CleanNFT

(tl;dr for those with baking experience: Keep it light by running Raspberry OS Pi 64-bit beta and easy by using precompiled arm64-binaries from Serokell)

So, here’s how I got a Tezos baker up and running on a Raspberry Pi.

There are a number of ways to do it. I tried some clever and developer-aesthetically pleasing setups, but I kept running into problems.

This guide is crude, but it works for me. The setup shown above has been running smoothly for 2 months and has been endorsing blocks for 3 weeks at the time of writing.

I tried to keep it…

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